About Nick Nicholls

Nick Nicholls is a native of the Pacific Northwest and called Seattle Washington his home for ten years (from which this novel is based). In order to dedicate more time to writing, in 2005 he sold everything he owned except what would fit on his motorcycle, and set out from Seattle in search of other inspirational settings and a simpler way of life. Much of this novel was written by candle light at campground tables and quiet corners of coffee shops, from Bozeman, Montana to Duluth, Wisconsin and on to the New England coast.  He found work in Portland, Maine, the charming coastal home of many an artist, including Longfellow where he finished this novel.


One won’t see in just one day

The beach does change

In violent ways

A bit of rope, a sailor’s sail

Hiccoughed up

By last night’s gale

Precious dunes by surf and wind

Wiped away

Boned and skinned

Once soft and warm with pools and shells

Storms leave lonely souls

And deathly smells

Kelp and stones from far off tides

Footprints there,

The sea just hides

Lobster traps with twisted doors

The sea men wail

What’s mine is yours

Will not the beach, unlike some

Grow weary of

What it’s become


Some of the people Nick befriended along his journeys may recognize themselves, woven into the characters of this novel. Nick currently lives in Arizona where he continues his work on a new book, as well as a collection of poetry.